Our commitment to you

Quality Assurance 

All our products are produced in a UK facility, our manufacturers meet the highest standard of good manufacturing practice that can be attained worldwide are regularly inspected by the relevant medicine’s agency. Every ingredient has been rigorously tested and the manufacturer audited to ensure products are of the highest purity and grade.

To ensure traceability we use manufacturers we have audited ourselves and that ensure a practice of tracing the precise ingredients from the reputable suppliers we have stipulated in the formulations we have developed.

Once the raw material arrives at the manufacturer they are first quarantined to make sure they meet the exacting specification required. If anything untoward is found at this stage the material is rejected outright.  Once approved, these ingredients are then manufactured into their final form, and each batch is then tested to make sure it meets specification and label claim.


Environmental Commitment 

We feel very strongly about creating a business that stands for the future and choose to use 100% biodegradable product packaging. From the outer boxes to the supplement packets even our labels are biodegradable!

We feel strongly that the supplementation industry uses far too much plastic, and it is our duty to provide supplements in a more sustainable manner. So please help us and dispose of the packaging accordingly.

Additionally, the UK facility where our Vitmedics supplements are manufactured has now been 'Vegetarian Society Approved' for the last three years. Agreed to meet the criteria for the production of vegetarian products, as listed in the licence agreement, as determined by the Vegetarian Society.

Our manufacturer has proudly been Leaping Bunny approvedA global programme, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements. 

Also our manufacturing facilities are pleased to carry the accreditation for certified Organic Farmers and Growers.


Join us in creating a sustainable future