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For those that know what they are looking for, we have over 50 vitamins and supplements to choose from. Purchase once or set up a recurring monthly subscription.


Very fast order turnaround and great packaging. It was a seamless process from the online quiz, to accessing the supporting research through the Vitmedics site, to placing and then receiving the order. Refreshingly uncomplicated!


Quick delivery & very knowledgeable - all my questions asked about my recommendations were answered and provided information for each. Very happy.


Been taking these supplements for 3 months now. Really happy and great customer service, any questions are always responded in a timely and very informative manner. Very happy, highly recommend!

A. N.

This is the first time I have used Vitmedics. I have a number of chronic health problems which, together with the medication, have the potential to cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I chose Vitmedics because of the positive press and reviews and I am more than happy with the products, the cost, and the service.


Such a simple format and easy to use. The products are such good quality and the evidence supporting it shows how trustworthy it is. The environmental and sustainable packaging is another reason to go for Vitmedics over another brand.


I would 100% recommend Vitmedics, the online quiz was so easy to use and gave me an instant results. They provided me with information about what I nutrients I needed, how to include them in my diet and then also told me which vitamins I could purchase from them in a clear and helpful way! Love this product! Will be recommending to my family!!


Great company, regular service and there to answer any queries or problems with your orders

Great Company


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