Vitmedics Story

As our founder Mike Explains

Vitmedics was founded by Michael Wakeman, a pharmacist with a masters in nutritional medicine, pharmaceutical analysis and clinical oncology, with a lifetime in the health and nutrition sector.

“As previous head of a company that researched natural products and developed them to licensed medicines alongside leading figure such as Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Sir James Black, I’ve always sought to deliver real science in nutrition as a fundamental. Our team will continue to develop the data and systems that are the basis of Vitmedics to ensure users get the most up to date and accurate information relating to this science.

With so many fad products and supplements on the market, often with limited supporting evidence, I have developed a platform which enables anyone to be confident in their quest for nutritional needs. We don’t just claim to have supporting research but we actually provide it for you alongside each and every
nutritional recommendation Vitmedics makes.

We all live in a world where convention dictates ‘you can get everything you need from a healthy diet‘  but that ill-defined statement fails to take into account that not everyone is the same. Our research has always concentrated on real life situations where this mantra fails to deliver.

Whether that be in situations such as weight loss surgery - where people unequivocally need supplementation for the rest of their lives - or conditions where the body simply fails to use nutrients effectively, or indeed when the food we eat may not contain what we’ve been led to believe it does, these have always been issues that have fascinated me.

In fact, that last topic lead to my research on the low levels of healthy
micronutrients in apples to be selected by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to promote their scientific conference.”

Vitmedics is the outcome of 5 dedicated years of research and the publication of the book ‘Medicated Malnourishment’ by our founder Mike Wakeman.

Our database includes over 5000 oral licensed medications available in the UK – both prescription and over the counter, by generic & brand name. Vitmedics has a unique, science leading tool which can quantitatively determine the single or cumulative impacts that medications may have on nutritional status.

You might not have thought about the latter, but in the UK alone, there are over 1.1 billion prescriptions issues each year, of which 390 million are for the top 20 medications of which 84% of these impacts directly in some way on nutrient status.

Vitmedics Make It Simple

We will always recommend dietary improvements first, but in some cases of nutrient deficiency a supplement is essential. If we detect a clear deficiency, we will guide you on the supplements which are best suited for your needs.