Pomegranate 400mg

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Pomegranates contain high level of dietary polyphenols in particular Ellagic Acid, which have been implicated with powerful antioxidant, anticancer and antiatherosclerotic biological properties.

Atherosclerosis is the term used when “bad” cholesterol is oxidised and leads to the build- up of excess plaque in the arteries - a leading factor in heart attacks and strokes. Approximately 8 x more Ellagic Acid than a 180ml glass of pomegranate juice.

Improves capillary activity & strengthens capillary membranes.

May benefit eye disorders e.g. diabetic retinopathy and reduced visual acuity (reading the smallest letters on a sight chart). Reduces varicose veins and fights inflammation

✔ Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

✔ Take two capsules a day.

Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Powdered Pomegranate Extract from Peel (Pericarpium granati).

Nutritional Information:

Two capsules provide on average: 1000mg Pomegranate Extract containing 400mg (40%) Ellagic Acid.

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