Meet the Team

CEO Michael Wakeman 

Mike Wakeman is a pharmacist and healthcare consultant with master’s degrees in nutritional medicine, as well as pharmaceutical analysis, and clinical oncology, and is currently completing a PhD thesis.

Following a number of years in sales and marketing management at Glaxo, he gained extensive experience in natural medicines research with Professor David Horrobin, alongside Nobel laureate in medicine, Sir James Black. During his role as managing director of that company, it became established as a world leader in fatty acids research and developed a global best- selling range of nutritional supplements and natural medicines. Subsequently, he has provided consultancy services to a number of blue-chip healthcare organisations in UK, US, Germany, China, Canada, Ireland, Japan, and Australasia.

A regular contributor to both consumer and specialist health journals, in 2009 his research was selected to promote the annual scientific conference of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Invitations as a speaker at recent scientific conferences have been delivered in UK, US, Canada, Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Denmark and Greece. He is also an NHS clinical trials ethics committee expert member, and associate the Royal College of Medicine as well as The Guild of Health Journalists.

His work has been featured on national TV, radio and through interviews on numerous local radio stations and in national print. He has published extensively in peer reviewed scientific journals, where his work is highly accessed by other researchers in the field of healthcare. In 2019 he was commended by judges from NHS England for his work in antibiotic guardianship, and in 2020 published his first book-Medicated Malnourishment, which forms the basis of the award winning website and the science which underpins this personalised nutrition tool.   


Dr Gill Jenkins 

Dr Gill Jenkins is a practising GP, based in Bristol, with a special interest in lifestyle health issues, in particular obesity, smoking, diabetes, heart disease, lipid management and joint health. Since qualifying in 1981, she has developed a breadth of medical experience, including psychiatry, cardiology, rheumatology and emergency medicine. Dr Jenkins also has 15 years of experience in the travel medicine field and has presented programmes on health on television and radio for BBC and independent stations. She has her own private pilot's licence for fixed wing planes and helicopters and is a Flight Medical Officer for several aeromedical /air ambulance companies.


Dr Tim Bond

Natural health expert and chemist. Tim has over 25 years' experience across food, beverages and nutrition with a specific focus on polyphenols, herbal infusions, spices and tea. Tim's current role is research and development across herbal infusions.

Tim was Technical Director for AVT Tea Services Limited, the world's largest decaffeinated tea supplier and a major supplier of tea extracts and spice oleoresins. Tim covers all aspects of Research and Development base, including regulatory, health claims and sustainability issues. His experience crosses most major tea growing, processing and consuming regions as well as non-tea products including Rooibos and Maté. Tim is an active member of the US Tea Association, UK and European Tea committees. He is also a project leader on the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Tea committee helping to ensure tea can be produced, traded and consumed safely and to agreed standards. Tim is a contributor to several books on the science and historical aspects of tea, and lectures at global events across polyphenols. Tim is also a contributor to the UK Tea Academy educational courses.

His first role in the tea industry was with Unilever Research where he was Head of Global Flavonoid R&D based in both the UK and India. Before that he spend 10 years as Technical Director of Finlay Tea Solutions and Finlay Tea Extracts one of the largest manufacturers and traders of leaf tea, decaffeinated tea and tea extracts. Tim has a 1st class degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Natural products chemistry.


Dr Emma Derbyshire

Independent Nutrition Consultant and Founder, Nutritional Insight Ltd.

Emma Derbyshire, PhD, is a registered public health nutritionist and award-winning nutrition and health writer. She has a degree in Nutritional Biochemistry, PhD in human nutrition and experienced background in academia, research and advisory work.

Emma has written over 100 peer-reviewed publications, as well as contributing to scientific documents for the public sector, journal and healthcare articles and textbooks.

She is the founder of Nutritional Insight limited, a consultancy to food and healthcare companies, Government organisations, top publishing houses and national newspapers.

Twitter: @DrDerbyshire