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We enable anyone to be confident in their quest for nutritional needs.

We don’t just claim to have supporting research but we actually provide it for you alongside each and every nutritional recommendation Vitmedics makes.

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Scientifically Proven

Vitmedics uses the broadest spectrum of medical research which enables us to provide you with supporting evidence alongside each and every nutritional recommendation our Vitcheck tool makes.  

Unique to Vitmedics

Our industry leading Vitcheck tool quantitatively determines the single or cumulative impacts that lifestage, lifestyle, diet and uniquely that medications may have on nutritional status.

Quality Assurance

Our supplement manufacturer meets the highest standard of good manufacturing practice that can be attained worldwide. All our products are in completely biodegradable packaging!

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Medicated Malnourishment

Our founder Mike Wakeman, author of Medicated Malnourishment.

A ground-breaking insight into the potential impact of long term medications your nutritional status

Balancing nature with nurture

Delivering the most effective natural sources of nutrients to support your wellbeing

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Our industry leading tool - a simple way to assess the effects lifestyle, life stage, diet and most importantly medications might have on your nutritional needs, which is unique to Vitmedics.

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Our founder Mike Wakeman author of Medicated Malnourishment ensures real science in nutrition is the at the core of Vitmedics.

Providing a new benchmark in personalised nutrition

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