About VitMedics

Vitmedics® was founded by Michael Wakeman, a pharmacist with a Masters in nutritional medicine and many years experience in research and product design within the health supplement sector.

Vitmedics is the outcome of his research for a Professional Doctorate which sought to examine the impact that life stage, lifestyle, dietary intake, illness and medication/s might have upon nutritional status. This information forms the basis to personalise any corrective advice and recommendations relating to food and supplementation to the individual.

Over 30 years of working in the field of medicine and nutrition, Michael has built a team of dedicated professionals to add extra experience to the organisation. This Scientific Advisory Board includes nutritionists, dieticians, other pharmacists, doctors, a health economist and Masters level expertise in pharmaceutical analysis and clinical oncology to contribute their knowledge and experience to Vitmedics®. Together this team has developed and continues to develop the data and systems that are the basis of Vitmedics®.com to ensure users get the most up to date and accurate information relating to this science.