About VitCheck

Background of Vitcheck 

As well as assessing the effects of lifestage, lifestyle and diet, VitCheck can be used to measure the single or cumulative impact that medications might have on nutritional status to help further personalise dietary and supplement recommendations.

Vitcheck contains a database of all relevant oral medications-prescription and over-the-counter- by both generic and brand name making it possibly the most comprehensive repository of likely drug induced nutritional depletions anywhere in the world. It was created as a result of searches of electronic databases of published, peer reviewed literature of all relevant UK medications and their likely impact on nutritional status.

As a result, over 1000 references were identified with over 4000 incidences of medications interacting with any of 30 micronutrients, essential fatty acids or the microbiome. These were assessed as either major, moderate or minor based
upon the conclusion/s of the author/s of the publication. Within the database, an algorithm was developed that enabled the impact of each medication on micronutrient status to be quantified and cumulative scores from multiple medications aggregated. These scores are then combined with any relevant impact of lifestyle, lifestage, and diet and the total effect on all aspects of nutritional status is assessed and presented in an easy to follow guide that describes how to correct any likely insufficiencies.

Trustworthiness our priority

Commencing from our initial assessment questions right through to any dietary and supplement suggestions you receive, everything we do is backed by robust evidence.  Every piece of information and each recommendation provided by Vitmedics® is supported by data which has appeared in peer reviewed scientific publications and any user is given direct access to its source via hyperlinks to verify accuracy and authenticity. Moreover, all data is regularly updated to provide the most accurate account of the state of the relevant sciences, and Vitmedics ® is the only provider operating in this field where its researcher is published in peer reviewed journals.

Creating your personal nutritional recommendations

Each response to the lifestage, lifestyle, dietary and medication data you provide defines the personalised recommendations made to you and each question has been precisely chosen to gather only the most meaningful information. Our objective is to help you achieve optimal health, not just through supplementation, but by recommended dietary changes as well. Because we also want you to understand how and why we have made the recommendations, we provide direct access to all the science and research used to create the Vitcheck ® assessment tool. The algorithm that we have developed to formulate recommendations is complex and has taken many years to develop, nevertheless, it is constantly updated to ensure it is as up to date as possible in this rapidly changing scientific world in which we live.