"Vitmedics - Best for tailor-made support" Best supplements to know 2021. Country & Town House Magazine

Country & Town House Magazine has reviewed Vitmedics in their Best Supplements to know 2021 Article 


Best for tailor-made support

VitMedics is a personalised nutrition service that provides bespoke recommendations of what food/supplements you need based on scientific analysis of your age, lifestyle, diet and, importantly, whatever medications you’re on.  You’ll click through an online quiz nailing the above and highlighting any pills that you’re popping (it picks up common drugs that affect nutrient absorption, and has a database that includes 3000 oral licensed meds). Five minutes to fill in a questionnaire to sort out your health seems a tall order. But your data is analysed and your recommended ‘prescription’ (from evidence-based research) is soon emailed over, along with links to studies which back up the recommendations.  You might be sent as many as seven brown paper packets of supplements —emblazoned with your name—from peppermint oil to probiotics. Tailor-made supplements can be a bitter (and expensive) pill to swallow. But this is a life-improving service, no snake oil here. Certainly it’s the one to opt for if you’re on medications. Average cost for a one-month supply is between £16-£20. vitmedics.com

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